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Competitions organized and hosted by the Hungarian Aerial Gymnastics Association, where exercises on tissue will be scored and assessed, in all these catgories: women's individual, men's individual, doubles and synchronic.

The required elements of the exercises are:

Individual routine’s
Compulsory routine / 4 min
Free routine / 4-5 min


Women’s individual

climbing up inverted (up side down) / min 3 tempo /
splits / on 1 and 2 strands /
forward somersault
triple turn to the side / starting from the front or back
3 different elements of strength holds / einarming front or back, back planche, leg lift with one hand-held
a double roll down starting backwards
1 piece of a minimum 2m free fall / could be "hip-lock,scissors" an angel slide-down"


Men’s individual

climbing in pike position
forward somersault
4 different elements of strength /einarming front, back
back planche
crucifix held
from one turn to a free held position
triple turn to the side /starting backwards or forwards
1 element of a minimum 2m free fall / forward somersault starting from standing position
A minimum of quadruple turn down ending in a free held position


Women’s sync exercise
/min.2 max 6 person/
exercise min 4-5 min

climbing inverted to at least to half way
splits / on 1 and 2 strands / at least in two different directions
forward roll down to angel position
2 elements hanging by the feet / 1 square, and 1 eight or falling backwards to feet hang
Minimum one element starting from a free fall / forward somersault starting from sitting or standing,
helicopter, hip-lock,scissors
Minimum one role down with 2&half turns
Spinning the hip-lock position
“Bomb” from a minimum of triple leg wrap


Men’s sync exercise
/min. 2 max. 6 person/
exercise 5-6 min

climbing in pike position, and climbing inverted /knee hold or foot aloud/
role down with 2&half turns, starting backwards
splits at least in one direction
2 elements of role down starting forward / forward somersault, helicopter,
2 elements of strength holds / 1 einarming, 1 back planche
Minimum one element of side roll down while spinning
Minimum one element of a quadruple side roll down

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