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Objective of the association:

The primary objective of the association is the promotion, development and the creation of the aerial gymnastics as a sport, for men and women. (tissue, silk, nets, trapezes, hammock, rope, etc.)

The Silk’s / Tissue Act’s began conquering the artist world in the 90’s.
Russian and Chinese acrobats were amongst the first to perform solo and duets with this new form of aerial acrobatics.
Synchronized performances at Cirque du Soleil productions have enchanted millions of spectators around the world.
Silk dance productions are so spectacular that it has replaced very rapidly the former aerial rope acts. Soon after new and spectacular productions have been born in the air.

In the mid nineties I have been lucky enough to be a student of a Russian artist, who has thought me this new and spectacular way of performing in the air.
I presented my first tissue act in 1998.
I immediately fell in love with this new way of aerial acrobatics. As soon as I had enough experience I started developing and creating my own new elements.

In Hungary I was among the first to start teaching this new technique, and soon I had the pleasure of having a lot of students, and they came not only from Hungary but from all over Europe.

I have been teaching this aerial gymnastics for 10 years now, and I can proudly say, that my students, solo or doubles are worthy of any stage in the world.

My name has become a kind of guarantee in the world of aerial gymnastics and by now I get invitations from other branches of art as well to teach. Upon request I also teach theatre actors and dancers.
I can say that in Hungary nearly 80% of the tissue acts are created by me.

I would like if this spectacular and very difficult performance would develop into a new sport. I’m determined to fight to ensure that athletes, dancers and acrobats are able to compete on their skills in a sports event, not only in Hungary but also throughout the world.

My objective is to create a unique new spectacular sport, with high technical standards.

Currently I am working on adequate elements for the compulsory and free exercises on the silk’s, which could be performed to music.

I would like to give the opportunity for the best from all over the world to compete in a high-quality competition to their best ability.

My objective is to organize the world’s first Silk Dance Artistic Sport World Championships with its own rules and visual elements for both men and women.

Tünde Vincze
Founding President of the Hungarian Aerial Gymnastics Association

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