About us


Tünde Vincze
Founding President

After several years of competing in sport, she graduated from the Hungarian Artist Institute in 1987. She is dazzling audiences all over the world with her aerial acts for more than 20 years. After graduating from the Semmelweis University of Sport and Sciences she has been continuously teaching and promoting Tissue and other aerial productions. Aerial artist from the MACIVA Master Studio hallmark her work.

Kristóf István
Honorary President

Jászai-Prize, Érdemes-Prize, Director of the Hungarian State Circus and Artistic Director of the International Circus Festival.

Krisztián Kristóf
Vice President

Hortobágyi Károly- prize winner artist. Creative Manager of the Hungarian Circus and Variety Company and founder of the MACIVA Master Studio

Zita Herman
Secretary, Board member

She graduated in 2010 at the Eötvös Loránd University, as a sociologist. For several years has been working as an international coordinator in circus and researching in this area, her latest study is free to download at the European Federation of Circus Schools website.

Vilmos Picard
Vice President, Founding Deputy President

Comes from a famous artist dynasty and has been working as an artist since childhood.

László Simet
Board member

Hortobágyi Károly- prize winner artist,
The uncrowned king of "Sky Walking", who knows no boundaries in the air. His breathtaking high-wire productions have been awarded with several gold prizes.

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